Congratulations to Jeremiah John for wining the Principal's Award for the 3rd quarter!  Due to his outstanding leadership and academic hardwork, it was an easy choice for Mrs. Burchfield to select such an outstanding student to represent the Principal Award expectations!  Nicely done Mr. John!  You're hardwork paid off...bonus...a fun lunch at Luigi's!
Also, please find us on Facebook for more updates and goings-on at the school!  There is a lot wonderful things happening that we would love to share with you!










Congratulations to our May Leaders!  We are so proud of your hardwork and can't wait to see you at the Leader Lollapalooza Luau Luncheon at the end of the year!  Nice work!


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Open Enrollment has begun at the Edge Academy! Act now to enroll in one of the highest rated schools in the Akron Community! student slots are limited!


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Could it be that Spring is on its way?? We have been busy here at school during the 3rd nine weeks of this school year. The state assessments are just around the corner and scheduled for mid-April. We will be sending more information home as we set the testing dates and times for our building.

I hope you have taken the time to create an account on ProgressBook so that you are able to view your child’s grades as often as you’d like. This is the best way to stay updated on how your child is progressing within the classroom with each course. There is a link for parents to follow on our website: www.edge4kids.org

An important reminder: Boys’ haircuts should not include designs carved into them during the school year. This is against the school dress code along with mohawks, faux hawks. If your child comes to school with these designed haircuts, you will be receiving a phone call to correct the cuts. We appreciate your cooperation as we are developing leaders who will one day follow a dress code given to them by their employer.

“Breakfast with the Boys” will be held on Friday, April 29th. We encourage males (dads, uncles, brothers, grandpas) to plan on attending this special event. It will begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 8:30 a.m.

 Our 3rd grade leaders have worked very hard on learning fun facts about the "leaders" of our great nation! We hope you enjoy this video and maybe learn a few things too!






Edge and Akros students participated in the "Pennies for Patients" campaign this month. 


Look at all of the money we have collected to help children with Lymphoma and Leukemia.  Our life skills students are taking a trip to Giant Eagle to get a final count of how much we raised.  Thank you to all who participated.


The totals are in and here are the winners!!!!

Edge winner - Mr. Rich's class with $63.52 wins by 38 cents over Mrs. Knight's class.  Edge total contribution is $371.49

Akros winner - Mr. Kirkland's class with $37.61, second place Mrs. Wilson with $35.  Akros total contribution $131.85
Total for both schools is $503.34








The 2015-2016 school year brings with it serious changes to our technology in the school! All students now have access to Google Chrome accounts, which means they can access their work from any computer, phone or tablet with internet access. This allows both teachers and students to use technology in a capacity that we have not been able to do so far!


Along with that, we are now using Chromebooks throughout both buildings. This morning, our 5th grade class was utilizing the Chromebook mobile lab to work on Reading Plus. We are so proud of the hard work our teachers and students are putting forth, keep up the great work everyone!




The Eddge Academy will hold its Board Meetings for School Year 2015 on the following dates at 4:00 pm at The Edge Academy Library at 92 N. Union St. Akron, 44304:

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

Board Meeting dates, changes and special meetings may also be accessed via this website www.edge4kids.org. Board meeting dates are also posted in the school office.